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  • Ramanisky22

    • Why "The Slut"?
      The "Slut" Hauler would have raised less questions but I'm afraid I'm not getting any sleep tonight.
    • Well, slut is a gender neutral wordNoggin
    • Wat? I just said "slut" would have raised less questions.
      Please Bennnsplain.
    • “The slut” hauler means the truck itself is named “the slut” whereas the “slut” hauler would mean it’s hauling sluts._niko
    • @_niko
      Your explanation makes less sense than socialism.
    • you struggle with english comrade, perhaps you understand better in the mother toung, da?kingsteven
    • If it's in quotes, wouldn't that mean that said hauler is not really a slut?stoplying
    • So, "Wedding" crashers are people that themselves identify as weddings?
      I draw the line at attack helicopters.
    • "the slut" hauler either means the van is called "the slut" or exclusively hauls someone called "the slut"... "wedding" crashers means absolutely nothingkingsteven
    • We're getting there.
      I think "The Slut" doesn't refer to the truck itself but a particular slut that truck must haul.
    • Maybe the truck isn't boasting that it's capable of hauling "The Slut", it really doesn't care for "The Slut", but complaining that it has to haul it.deadsperm
    • Thanks for clearing things up kingsteven.deadsperm
    • jaysus, well i've impressed myself. i was wasted when i posted that.kingsteven
    • https://thumbs.gfyca…deadsperm

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