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  • _niko6

    sigh, here we go again

    yo! Scandinavia, fuck yo couch!

    • https://www.thelocal…robotron3k
    • Scandinavian hypocrites.robotron3k
    • I think the message is ok if completely bullshit and self-flagellating but the execution fucking sucks. If they did it with humour and jest it might have worked_niko
    • Want to enslave a society? Destroy their culture. Want to rewrite history? Destroy their culture.Hayoth
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    • they had comments on a couple of days ago, they were hilarious._niko
    • < You guys done circlewanking yet?scruffics
    • if 'everyone' thought like this we'd be quite well off in terms of actually being a 'human family'. I'm fine w/a message like this if ALL adhere to it...PonyBoy
    • ... however my gut tells me that those delivering this message feel the pilfered cultures shown in this video are pristine and never stole / borrowed...PonyBoy
    • ... or were inspired by another group / culture themselves. So yeah... *unzips... I'll join this circle. There's still room, scruffs... c'mon—make room, guys!!PonyBoy
    • https://www.zerohedg…BustySaintClaire
    • I think this is kind of nice, they are obviously addressing the current issues they are facing with the influx of refugees and and immigration. Feels positive.slappy
    • yeah I don't see the controversy... is pretty tame??? world is full of snowflakes!inteliboy
    • too heavy handed and woke, if they did it in a self-deprecating and funny way it could have been great_niko
    • It's soooo weaaaak and cringy the VO and script is retarded. My dad, my mom, my aunt and uncle has worked at SAS their whole lives, and this is a disgraceArchitectofFate
    • Really that bad?NBQ00
    • I don't really find this one bad. Gillette or Pepsi were really really bad.NBQ00
    • What niko said, add a bit of salt to the sauce, and you're done. Where is the sense of humor of the Scandinavians?OBBTKN
    • "Comments are turned off" on the Youtube video.Chimp
    • I kind of like it. If they would have done this ten maybe even five years ago no one would have cared.haga
    • Plus, everyone here already knows this. It used to be a good thing that we took parts from other cultures and made it our own.haga
    • They are taking pride in cultural appropriation.
      This is just plain disgusting!
    • They should be more sensitive to the current emotional state of our culture and refrain from posturing like that.deadsperm
    • The airline that didn't even serve free water on a 4 hrs flight in 2010...SimonFFM
    • Its not been received well here in the DK. The Ad Agency didn't see any of it coming. They also had a bomb threat the other day. SAS apologized...Nutter
    • ... almost received as bad as The Danish Banks "New Normal" commercial from a few years ago.Nutter
    • why would they produce this?
      what is the purpose?
    • exactly... what is the purpose? the point of scandinavians stealing ideas and making it their own has got nothing to do with nothing...ArchitectofFate
    • we got stuff to be proud of up here, fuckin' nobelprize stuff and they put forward fake-ass-salty-chunk... as a "problem"ArchitectofFate

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