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  • Nairn0

    Slightly depressing pic of the day.

    "Wind Turbine Blades Can’t Be Recycled"

    Which inevitably leads to...


    • A problem got a problem - ODBjaylarson
    • "Until large-scale recycling is widely available, landfills must accommodate defunct blades."feel
    • That's crazy, there would be some use for those things somewhere surely?PhanLo
    • Could help making reefs down undajaylarson
    • still better than nuclear wasteShenanigansTV
    • Nuclear waste is not a problem in modern reactors. Also elements some concept reactors cant "melt down". https://en.m.wikiped…eryx
    • Closed fuel systems can even take the nuclear waste we have and turn it into energy.eryx
    • Also if we do find a use for these things we can just dig them up again, right?eryx
    • <this shit's more complicated than nuclear waste, and in <that kind of situation (vs deep mines), probably more of an environmental problemNairn
    • Actual hardcore nuclear waste isn't a major problem, other than socially - ALL of the world's 'bad' waste from all-time could easily fit on a football field.Nairn
    • Problem with <this shit is that it's like spun carbon embedded in resin, encased in plastic and with (presumably) metal components. Recycling Clusterfuck.Nairn
    • https://www.bbc.com/…sandpipe
    • Wouldn't be difficult to turn these into roofing.i_monk

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