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    My 15 year old son's band played their first proper gig last weekend...supporting act for a really well known Aussie 80's and 90's band at a great venue here in Melbourne. Was an awesome night. He was REALLY nervous as they only found out a few days earlier and had to learn about 8 songs in a short space of time. But when they got up on stage and started playing...and I could see the big smile on my son's face...was just so good.

    Proud Dad!

    • congrats' :) next time just throw a line here about the event.sted
    • He didn't let us even tell extended family he was that nervous!BusterBoy
    • What a good post. Nice!stoplying
    • ^ Thanks!BusterBoy
    • This is so cool! When I has in highschool I followed a band called Frenzal Rhomb, from South Wales, Sydney. They’re still around. Rock-on, little Buster!maquito
    • Lol, this is them yesterday:…
    • What an awesome dad!robotron3k
    • did ya burn down the haus?utopian
    • :) I'm a bit of a square. Kid is so much more enlightened than I was at his age. I was a sports jock...he hates it. But loves his music.BusterBoy
    • Thats awesome! My 8 year old is learning the drums currently. Can't wait to be at that first show. Where did they play?

      Massive Frenzy Rhomb fan too Maquito.
    • Frenzal Rhomb.. niceautoflavour

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