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    I updated my font from the previous page. I never created a font before, so I'm working on the finer details of the FontSelf extension for Illustrator which looks fantastic so far. It's very easy to use. Start by selecting everything and it will recognize A-Z, a-z and numbers. Punctuation is manually done character by character. Select a grouped shape, type a glyph and add it to your font.

    • Nice!monospaced
    • That is super cool :)
      Must have been a lot of work I imagine!
    • Nice progress; it's a nice "completing the puzzle" feeling as you go, eh?

      Fontself looks great, BUT I've had great luck with….

      ; )
    • It's like creating a language. You have to establish rules and maintain consistency. It's easier if you walk away and come back with fresh perspective.CyBrainX
    • There’s a really great texture resulting from this. It doesn’t fatigue.monospaced
    • @CyBrainX Do you have a font file we can test OR is this . a vanity project? I love AND loathe the spacing between characters.ideaist
    • That's just my Illustrator file. Here's the font. I'm still working on spacing. It's too tight right now. http://talesfromtheh…CyBrainX

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