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  • PonyBoy14

    • shouldn't this be in news of the day?Hayoth
    • Can anybody summarize the video?OBBTKN
    • it's in the news...maybe not the us news,…
      summary: ABC allegedly stopped Epstein expose over three years ago
    • thanks uanOBBTKN
    • Always wonder how the Epstein story disappeared years ago. Wonder what changed to make him fair game.PhanLo
    • Its so obvious he didnt killed himself. Too many powerful people to protect. All this story is disgusting.Bennn
    • this needs its own threadmoldero
    • in that power position...he probably isn't even dead.uan
    • What's just as bizarre is how fast the story disappeared. Between this and Russia's influence, it really does feel like we are living in an alternate world.formed
    • They also buried the Harvey Weinstein story at first. It could be something as simple as not wanting to go against a rich and well-connected person.yuekit
    • Probably someone at ABC loved fucking children.PhanLo
    • Doesn't make Alex Jones, Joe Rogan or David Icke sound that crazy, huh? Imagine how deep we can get if we fall down that rabbit hole.Maaku
    • This in no way validates anything Alex Jones or David Icke says. And Joe Rogan is kind of just a dumb, gullible guy that gives airtime to anybody.garbage
    • 1. Jones is a fearmonger that tried to use chili as an alibi in his custody case. He's dangerously stupid and manipulative, not woke.garbage
    • 2. David Icke is Crazy with a capitol C. If you really believe that the lizard people are running the earth, you're beyond the pale white horse.garbage
    • It would seem NBC, CBS & ABC are all more interested in outing / firing their leakers than being caught for covering up for a Pedofile. Disgusting.PonyBoy
    • Instead of speaking up about their cover-up ABC spent all efforts hunting down who they thought leaked this tape... right to their new job @ CBS.PonyBoy
    • CBS instantly fired the poor girl... and it turns out she wasn't even the leaker (according to Proj. Veritas and a Megyn Kelly interview today)PonyBoy
    • It doesn't validate any of their claims but they've all brought up the pedophile rings one way or the other.Maaku
    • They are capable of these atrocities, I'm not surprised if there's more to it.Maaku
    • Some of the higher-ups in these companies were directly involved with / hung out w/Epstein... it makes sense they'd try and hide the entire ordeal.PonyBoy

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