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    I've been messing with this for some time.
    the whole business stack can be addressed with 2 services.

    • office operations goes to G Suite (
    along with google cloud platform for any webapp needs; (anything from a minecraft server to web server for decoupled apps) g suite is pretty easy to migrate mail, file and office operations
    - list of google services:… ,
    - $12 /user/ month ($60/m or 5 users get you unlimited cloud storage)

    • i also use mega business cloud drive for unlimited storage (
    - $11/ user/ month (x3 for unlimited to kick in)

    so $45 bucks covers anything you'd need for online/office management (including user, hardware management, Marketing & Dev Ops)
    * pro-tip don't use file stream, clone/mirror instead

    • +1 and Gsuite is still free for non-profits & M$ Office 365 still sucksspot13
    • oh also, the data that you put onto G Suite services does not belong to Google. You own your data. and the um, No ads.plash
    • https://gsuite.googl…plash

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