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  • ronburgundy1

    'Not One Drop Of Blood': Cattle Mysteriously Mutilated In Oregon…

    • crazyGnash
    • What the what????robotron3k
    • Not saying it was, but it probably was...PhanLo
    • Start looking into amateur and professional taxidermists, butchers and deranged hillbilly veterinarians. The guy doing this has some skills.monospaced
    • Turns out it’s just scavengers and insects, which has been the case every time.monospaced
    • ^ If that was the case, this should happen as often as every year and it wouldn't have razor sharp cuts.Maaku
    • But it does. And the sharp cuts are the result of small mouths. It’s actually quite amazing. But if you want to believe it’s aliens fucking LOLmonospaced
    • Forget aliens mono. Farmers often report similar and in a few hours. The scavengers and insects line has been tested and debunked many times.fadein11
    • An animal is well and 3 hours later it's like those reported here. Bugs don't work that fast. It is a neat answer though so can understand why it is put forwardfadein11
    • lol@ sharp cuts = small mouthsGnash
    • I want to believewhatthefunk
    • Blog mode: I used to camp in this area pretty regularly, and there are free range cattle all over the place that wander from ranches to BLM lands.garbage
    • There are bears, cougars, coyotes. But also poachers, lunatics and welfare ranchers. The latter group being the reason I never went there without a rifle.garbage

      Roads like this for miles. It's beautiful and worth visiting, but also I can see this as a lunatic killing a rival rancher's cows.
    • @garbage - one talented guy then along with the other 100's of talented guys who mutilate animals in ways scientists can't understand all over the world.fadein11
    • I mean, this is remote territory where pretty much everyone has gutted their first animal by age 12. This is prepper country.garbage
    • I've solo-camped there multiple times, and this is 100% not an E.T mystery. Shit, it might even be a prank.garbage
    • I'm not saying it is E.T. Never have. But the level of precision often involved is not your average butcher or farm hand. It is an interesting subject thatfadein11
    • would've been put to bed decades ago if a simple explanation.fadein11
    • I didn't say alien, lol. Could be another super secret military project where they are testing a weapon? But like Fadein said, it's happened in other countriesMaaku
    • Ah, I hear you. Honestly I think it's a ploy to perpetuate a long-standing myth to gain media coverage.garbage
    • I've never gutted an animal but how can you puncture or cut skin, and remove internal organs without leaving traces of blood?Maaku
    • Or how can you drop a 2000 pounds animal without leaving clues? Oh yeah, maybe they used a weather ballon for that.Maaku
    • balloon*Maaku
    • @Maaku I don't think you understand how remote this area is. Tongue and balls removed, animal is hung to bleed out, placed to be found.garbage
    • Chupacabra turned into Chupavacauan
    • This is either a threat or attention-whoring, plain and simple.garbage
    • I want to believe it's a threat or a "prank", but this hard to believe when there is no proof, clues, witnesses, or traces of anything.Maaku
    • And again, similar cases of cattle mutilation have happened in other countries.Maaku
    • Yeah sure, but I'm telling you that you're way more likely to walk into a tripwire claymore than a Martian in these parts. Meth and militias rule this area.garbage
    • It's just northwest of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, which a militia seized and had a shootout with the feds a few years ago.garbage
    • It WAS put to bed years ago, as it IS a simple explanation, but people LOVE a conspiracy. Ranches are thousands of acres, these weren't found hours after death.monospaced
    • @maaku, the animal dies, the blood stops pumping, and the scavengers start in. Blood is food and goes first. Cleanly.monospaced
    • I've seen a good amount of dead animals on ranch properties, some wild, some property. It's never, ever a blood bath.monospaced

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