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  • jaylarson8

    america. i am disappoint. we can do better. vote in people whom will change laws.

    • but america voted in trump who changed laws? He even banned bump stocks... can u guide america to your specific changes in mind?deathboy
    • or are u practicing non specific comment behavior engineered for the most positive response without any real horse in the game?..hmmdeathboy
    • if you actually state your stance you might make ppl call out your reasoning and have to show your work in thinking such a way.deathboy
    • also might just gain negativity out of plain ignorance... and if this is what you avoid how do you think the future of discourse is going to be?deathboy
    • ANYTHING is progress. You know, common sense items that anyone with half a brain would agree on...background checks, reselling, etc.formed
    • formed there are plenty of background checks in place, reselling only turns lawful people into criminals. sheriffs in nv wont even enforce the latest effortsdeathboy
    • on that policy. but there is stuff like READI in Chicago focused on rehabilitating violent people.deathboy
    • still early on but pulling ideas from Africa. people think gun violence they think mass shooting but the majority is poor crime ridden areas and violent peopledeathboy
    • mass shootings scarier to the masses not living in poverty and dealing with that shit on a day to day basis. That is where real work is needed if you wantdeathboy
    • reduce homicide numbers. A lot of that is economics, education, etc...deathboy

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