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    Turkey launches military operation in northeast Syria

    Turkish jets strike Syrian border towns controlled by Kurdish-led forces after US forces pulled back from the area.…

    • Thanks Trump!utopian
    • This was also how the us created alqueda.Gnash
    • Fun times.PhanLo
    • Dunno guys, not sure if you can tell, but I'm a big Trump Supporter, but his reckless actions could really inflame this 95 year old conflict. Open to opinions..robotron3k
    • The US, NATO, UN, Egypt, UAE, Syria, and Iran have all come out against Turkish incursion.IRNlun6
    • Way too early to tell how this will go but Turkey is most definitely not being viewed in a favorable light. Also the Kurds can fight well and they're not alone.IRNlun6
    • Turkey is completely on its own here.IRNlun6
    • lol @ robo sounding like a reasonable democrat ... why the fuck did you pick this one fuckup to actually realized he's a fuckup?monospaced
    • (he's being facetious. hint... 95 year old conflict...)Gnash
    • Also can't dismiss that Turkey has legitimate concerns with the PKK which crosses the Syria/Turkish border and commits terror attacks.IRNlun6
    • It's an insanely complicated conflict and US troops should not be used as a defensive barrier.IRNlun6
    • I dont think Iran or Russia is against this. Why would they want a US backed Kurdish militia there?Beeswax
    • Turkey should have never been involved. Erdogan got tricked by US-Israel into Syria hoping he would come out as a conqueror but whole thing became a mess.Beeswax
    • Im now guessing that he's trying once more by participating in the chaos since he's losing power inside.Beeswax
    • There's already a Kurdish federation in N.Iraq that Turkey has all sorts of bilateral ties with. I dont know why they are bothered with this one.Beeswax
    • PKK terrorist joining YPG is a concern but as long as they are outside of Turkish soil no one cares about them, except the US now militarizing them for futureBeeswax
    • From my understanding, Syria is trying to maintain its territorial integrity even with the Kurds in the north.IRNlun6
    • Iran wants to keeps it corridor from Iran, Iraq, Syria to Lebanon open. Russia is a wildcard.IRNlun6
    • Throw in Israel, the GCC and their own interests into the mix...IRNlun6
    • I do agree though that Erdogan got overconfident and was goaded into this. His imminent threats where getting zero attention in Western media.IRNlun6
    • I read Jeff Bezos was in Turkey a couple weeks ago mourning Khashoggi's death and the NYTimes gave Erdogan his own op-ed.IRNlun6
    • It's wild that all these different factions know that the media will run with any story they're fed. Which makes it complicated to figure out whats going on.IRNlun6
    • Yup, one crazy thing, old Khaalshoggi was a billionaire!?! But this shit is def complex, all the Arabs love fighting 10x more than us Americans. They can't stoprobotron3k
    • What you'll hear next is fake news of Christian minorities getting slaughtered, and John Bolton comes back and tries to get Trump to Lybia Turkeyrobotron3k
    • One thing I do know is that Trump is letting them figure it out and we'll assist where necessary. Obama kicked a burning hornets nest.IRNlun6
    • Shit, we are going to be out of ammunition again :(BonSeff
    • alqueda sounds like a prescription drug, lol @ GnashMaaku
    • Factoid: of NATO nations, Turkey has the largest military after the USA. Over twice as large as France, which ranks 3rd.monNom
    • could this also backfire against Turkey? Maybe they get too heavy handed and the US re-ups on the Kurds and end result is the creation of Kurdistan finally?_niko

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