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  • sted1

    • What am I looking at here?Hayzilla
    • It's called Innovation, look it up!utopian
    • Hit "allow" and call it a day. Are you boys or men? Clearly the former...ideaist
    • Kind of shitty you have to re-enable all the permissions from your upgraded system, what's the security risk exactly?zarkonite
    • My Catalina test install only did a handful of re-logins and it's loaded down with Adobe CC and other messy third-party installs.evilpeacock
    • looks like someone turned on Filevault, and specifically told the OS he wanted these precautions to access the user foldersmonospaced
    • You have to do a lot of work to make your computer that annoying. This shouldn't be called Apple.CyBrainX
    • Anyone on a Mac using Parallels has already lost my respect.ideaist
    • Thought so, this guy's being a troll/clickwhore.zarkonite
    • This is standArd Unix behavior though. Protect the user account at all means, especially root, and that’s why it’s so secure.monospaced
    • Courageerr

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