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    Could use some advice:

    I came up with a idea at work and created the first mockup of it. I presented the idea, everybody loved it (our created director even crashed the meeting because he saw it through a glass wall and was excited about it). I then briefed a co-worker who created a 3d mockup of it.

    Now whenever people mention the idea, they refer to the guy who did the 3d mockup as if he did all the work. This includes my closest project manager, the creative director ect.

    I think my co-worker did an awesome job, but he would never have gone in that direction unless I'd come up with it. For now I've not said anything about it, and I don't want to sound petty but it just feels weird. Should I mention it or would that just be seen as petty?

    • You're damned if you do
      and damned if you don't
    • i'm missing the part how that co-worker presented the mockup?sted
    • also what about the details behind that mockup? it is still just a muckup not a developed idea/product why bother just say nice work to him.sted
    • And ask to move forward with your idea.sted
    • well word spread and it was shown to people who passed by, he also he wrote a internal blog post about it with a video. The video was presented by the CD.Nutter
    • ask him to update the blogpost and mention your part in the work. make it easy for him to do it.uan
    • To be honest, he's an asshole if he doesn't give you the credit you deserve. It's called integrity.Maaku
    • Yes, happens tons. This what you need to do, forget about getting credit, what's done is done. You need to get better at promoting yourself, think hard...robotron3k
    • perhaps your timidness held you back or you were naive to think you would get credit. Also, you need to understand what people think of you there to help changerobotron3k
    • Make a Tshirt with the original idea on it and big bold copy saying "MY IDEA" and wear it to work. In fact, get 5 made, wear one each day of the week.microkorg
    • yourself and improve your ability to sell your ideas. It's happened to me tons, it's not a big deal, you just need to recover. One thing to note, this IS yourrobotron3k
    • portfolio piece, so make sure you get the best versions and include the process how you came up with your idea. BTW, if this is a good piece, you could get arobotron3k
    • better job from it and you could also remake yourself in the process and learn how to get credit for your ideas. Hope that makes some sense... Gluck!robotron3k
    • Forget it. Job is to get a stable, easy income while you build your own portfolio of income streams including investments.shapesalad
    • All the focus on getting credit for your idea. Pointless. Also you should learn 3D now, so next time you can by pass that guy.shapesalad
    • Ideas are easy - realization of ideas is very hard. You can do ideas, that’s evident, now learn the hard part. Then you will be invaluable and can earn more.shapesalad
    • You say the coworker would have never gone in the direction without your idea. Equally your idea would never be a reality were it not for his skills.shapesalad
    • Skills can be learnt. So learn the skills. Combine with your ability to find good ideas. And then this sorry mess will never happen again. Step up your game.shapesalad
    • Welcome to the club. Pal!
      XD T_T
    • I've had the opposite experience. Coworker botched a film job, and upon review I realized that he put my name on the film logs.garbage
    • He tried to pass off his mistakes as mine, and the ensuing conversation I had with him had some Tony Soprano vibes.garbage
    • Figure out an organic way to "own" it in a future meeting/communal space, by propelling the project forward yet again asapBrokenHD
    • The bigger the company, the more optics matter.DRIFTMONKEY
    • Thanks for the advice, think I'm gonna make a write a internal blog part about the design though behind it. Competitor analysis, possibilities, why this makesNutter
    • us stand out ect. Then just add a link at the bottom of his post, that if you would like to know more about the process then read this.Nutter
    • I'd love to see this killer idea you can't wait to get credit for. Just do the work. Carry on.robthelad

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