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    Mac software distributed outside the Mac App Store must be notarized by Apple in order to run on macOS Catalina.…

    • They have until January 2020; Tim Cook is merciful!!!ideaist
    • wtf is this shit.inteliboy
    • App Store review when you submit an iPhone app, but for desktop apps...grafician
    • i read in a forum that Catalina lost in the final version the support of photoshop cs6. at the beginning betas it was working. also lot of old games do not run.api
    • hmm. apparently can still right click and open apps. but a lot of music apps are screwed. seems like a mess to me. going to be skipping this OS update.inteliboy
    • I’m thinking you’ll just get a warning saying the software wasn’t certified and then click on to open anyway. At worst.monospaced
    • Where is sloppy Steve when you need him the most?utopian
    • Haha, @utopian! Dude, you must have an auto-alert when it comes to apple posts! You are on it like hot shit to flies!lvl_13
    • Read that indie developers are just stopping making their games run on mac. Not economical viable and a hassle with Apples new rules.Nutter
    • I heard otherwise now that they’ve gone all in on Arcademonospaced
    • And iOS is the biggest gaming platform of all.monospaced
    • My PS4 controller works with Apple TV. Good/great for Apple; i know they're not entirely "open", BUT they've opened up a lot since Steve.ideaist
    • Developers stopped focusing on macOS many years ago, btw. Mac gaming hasn't really existed in any good state forever.monospaced

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