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  • kingsteven2

    @Deathboy, Robotranny WE GOT 'EM!!

    Greta most likely an animatronic doll called Cindy, Arnie most likely a shareholder in the aeronautics industry trying to clear his name and protect his family conspirators who seek to keep the illegal cloning of humans a secret.

    • You know you could always provide real info instead of making up shit. The rise of a child with an opinion. Howd that happen? only happens with media+ moneydeathboy
    • if im not incorrect. instead of conspiracy fiction images maybe you cna anwer the basics or even look at them?deathboy
    • explore the rise and look at what incentive and support is given from who and such. personally i have no idea how this nonsense happeneddeathboy
    • but i make no mistake in its nonsense and strings beong pulleddeathboy
    • you have no idea how it happened yet i look in to it? i knew who she was before folks started scoring points off her popularity. look in to yourself toolboykingsteven
    • Pff she’s obviously in her 30’s and a former sandy hook actor!_niko
    • what a dumbass ... these days kids can rise to stardom just through youtubemonospaced
    • king i find no need. but i find your lack of concern for financing and PR for all this shit surprising. You in advertising? PR? any idea how this shit works?deathboy
    • someone pays the plane tickets, deals with the schooling, with parents and travel costs. PR, calls, handling. Who's picking up the costs?deathboy
    • And for what reason? And should kids be sold as pawns? Where are the parents in all this? I always find you can read so much more in what is not saiddeathboy
    • or king fill free to post your blind love of some young girl and ill try not to question wether you just find her attractive... hehe see i did that lowimapktdeathboy
    • style of conversation. OMG he must be a pedophile since he cant state any reason for fawning over her!! sigh...deathboy
    • Haha, I think shes annoying as hell tbh. I'm just having a laugh at you trying to form an anti capitalist conspiracy with no information...kingsteven
    • ie who pays for her flights hahaha you seriously have not read one thing... all the info is out there.kingsteven
    • Also that's twice now you have sexualised the conversation it really is not on...kingsteven
    • deathboy, don't worry, you aren't paying for any of itmonospaced
    • because that seems to be your big concern, and your biggest misunderstanding most of the timemonospaced
    • actually king i didn't see any obvious money streams. please share a link to the financials of this. is it SP or under an llc or under a non us entity company?deathboy
    • i haven't seen anything on financials. please provide them if you have themdeathboy
    • mono as much as u bore me you u seem to highlight my cost approach as stupid and as reason to ignore it is it doesn't effect me.spoken as a typical fooldeathboy
    • politician or just a blind fool. One who has such small vision of how things are. An example is can u display a policy based on such thought that does not effdeathboy
    • ect me? Oh man I'll pay for it and so many others. You can look at CA for so many real world outcomes. The idea is someone else pays but u reap benefit is a jokdeathboy
    • really hate to cast such judgement but fuck man you are such a simp.u clearly have no independent thought and follow ebs and flows of your prescribed mediadeathboy
    • like a pathetic alter boy chasing the acceptance of a rapist priest. probably be cool wit it and accept it make your ideas more divine. so much pity and yet sodeathboy
    • so lil because of your pride in it it. you are a bible thumper nutter job. just happened to find a different scripture.deathboy
    • ^ from the pulpit of the church of egoismkingsteven

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