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    The Swede story is from Jan 2019, pre predicting Greta Thurberg's path into the limelight via a series of acts and working with an "eco-profiteer" Ingmar Rentzhog, We Don't Have Time©, "a newly launched social media platform like facebook, instagram but for climate change". Pfft! Greta is (more than likely) a shareholder as she was an initial "employee" of the company and is on the companies prospectus(!). They write more how Greta just the the "tool" Western global elite will leverage as the face of climate change.

    The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg – for Consent series has been written in two volumes.…

    • So she briefly advised a small, climate change related tech startup at one point? That's the whole story?yuekit
    • if you're good with that, then buy some units @ SEK10.50 a share... https://map.wedontha…robotron3k
    • Where do the "global elites" fit into all this? Sounds very ominous...yuekit
    • You should look into the woman who writes that blog -…ben_
    • A kid that actually cares about her future, crucify the lil cunt!utopian
    • ...lots of reading to do but looks like we are here in the story yuekit…robotron3k
    • eeek... i feel dirty just scrolling through that link and noticing a general corporate patternrobotron3k
    • the girl has Asperger's...cut her head off.utopian
    • the girl appreciates science. BURN HERlowimpakt
    • If the globe is getting so hot, why is she wrapped up in hat and a scarf?Fax_Benson
    • imagine spending your time digging up random blogs to discredit a child.inteliboy
    • Climate is hoax run by Big Wool, just watch the documentary Zoolander to get an insight into what those people are up to.deadsperm
    • Good god. One wack job writes a blog and people start the conspiracy chat. Shameful.Hayzilla
    • Greta Thurberg is obviously a cunt. Look at her standing there. Although altruistic, caring robo is the one we should listen to and love. Kisses xxxIanbolton
    • "Look at her standing there."

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