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    Guys. I'm paying for Adobe. Yes. For real. Got too much problems with other apps and cr4ck3 v3rsi0n so I got back to paid subscribtion. Also, changes at work next year makes me go back at designing and I want to work in the apps more to be ready.

    BUT. FUCK ADOBE! Their stupid Adobe CC Desktop app to manage programs is a real pain! All my download stop and stuck at 45% .... From my research online, its a common problem for a shit load of people since... 2014!! And its still a problem 5 years later! ... I'am angry

    • Adobe, Apple, Google...same Bumblefucks!utopian
    • I find that adobe cc is rock solid. Weird.monospaced
    • you should try it on a MacGnash
    • i find it far quicker on PC. benns error isn't that that CC stops his download at 45%, there is a problem with his computer and this is the resultkingsteven
    • prob due to having cracked software on there tbh. not a fan of Adobe and you shouldn't have to know how your computer works to dl CC...kingsteven
    • but this could be caused by anything. at least try and find out what the problem is.kingsteven
    • FYI Bennn, use Event Viewer https://is.gd/Z3NUuL… see if there are any errors while downloading may give you an idea of the causekingsteven
    • Prob due to some connection issue between CC and Adobe servers, if it's not something obvious like firewall it could be the crack put a registry block onkingsteven
    • connections to Adobe or even the wrong version of .NETkingsteven
    • It's weird how much trouble you're having, I never have any issues. Are you trying to download all the apps at the same time?zarkonite
    • I will try to investigate more, kingsteven thanks for the tips. No, only one at a time, zarkoniteBennn
    • I might end my subscription and try one of the free alternatives. Though, I’ll probably end up with cracked CCfuturefood
    • I have to say I've never had significant issues over the last three decades cracked or not.CyBrainX
    • Adobe's servers have never given us issues, so I doubt there's an error on their end.monospaced
    • Going the cracked way is complicated, sometimes it works, sometimes it dont. And you can't find and make work all the programs... depends on wich you needBennn

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