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    With sadness at the passing of Ric Ocasek I remember walking around the London Underground corridors with my mate around 1980 and we'd both have huge ghetto blasters.
    For our own amusement we would walk about 50 yards apart each blasting out music like Shoo-Be-Doo from The Cars Candy O album as it amused us greatly (we were easily pleased teens) to hear it echoing around the labyrinthine tunnels. We also played Floyd's On the Run and other spacey electronic stuff, it's funny (and slightly embarrassing) to me now coz thinking back to when we were doing this as we must have pissed off so many commuters going about their daily trudge - maybe that was one reason we did it, but it really didn't bother us at all at the time.

    The same chap and I also took those tape players to gigs and would record them and then blatantly played what had just happened as we were walking out of the venue, haha so daft.

    • Yes to Pink Floyd, No to the Cars.CyBrainX
    • I found myself sitting next to him at a club in NYC back in the early 80s. My band had just played a gig so I was still all full of adrenaline so I came off asGnash
    • ... a crazy person. I talked his ear off asking him questions. I still cringe at that.Gnash

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