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  • Hayoth0

    Got stuck doing PPT presentation.

    Redesign 50 pg deck in 5 hours.

    Go to save, Microsoft says can't save it's read only and to change name and location, I do, still can't save. Paste everything into a new doc, still can't save. Rebuild the presentation twice. Get to page 27, same error. Start over from 27, get to page 37, same error.

    Search Microsoft forum for solutions, find thread dedicated to the problem that's been ongoing for seven years. Most recent issue, July 2019.

    7 years of the same error, never fixed.

    Had to redo the whole thing.

    Best thing I can determine, corrupt image file.

    • export as html, replace corrupt image file in src folder, import back in ppt (if import possible)?mekk
    • Capitalism!Nairn
    • Toxic masculinity!deadsperm
    • Obligatory 'don't use PPT it's awful' comment!Fax_Benson
    • indd -> pdf -> ppti_monk
    • What was the error? link to solution thread?zarkonite
    • This kills the crab.DRIFTMONKEY
    • Incels Unite!utopian
    • Yeah, what was the error as I'm currently smashing together a PPT presentation for a client and really don't need it fucking up on meIanbolton

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