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  • misterhow0

    This has bugged me for years. I'm making seamlessly repeating patterns in Illustrator. I have a perfect 432px by 432

    Export As anything...png, jpg or tiff at 150dpi. I open it in Photoshop and it's now 901 by 900. Where is this extra 1 coming from?!

    • What happens when you set the reference point to the top-left before exporting, rather than the centre, as it is now?Nairn
    • Same result.misterhow
    • EPS is fine, pdf is fine. Save As works but anything from Export ends up with the extra pixel.misterhow
    • check the position coordinates of the artboard's probably positioned at some .decimal pixel.uan
    • what happens if you start with 432x431drgs
    • Artboard is at 0 and 0. Thanks drgs, starting with 431x432 yields the same 901x900misterhow
    • "Pixel perfect" ~ Adobe.

    • Workaround is copying the content and pasting into a new blank doc in Photoshop then saving out. Pixel perfect indeed.misterhow
    • ^Continuity
    • THIS drives me crazy and can't understand WHY many design apps use sub-decimal sizes?! What am I suppose to do with 200.22px button ffsake?!grafician
    • this needs to be posted i n that fuck adobe thread...grafician
    • Sub-decimal sizes are silly for pixels, otherwise, nothing wrong. But fuck Adobe anyway.MrT
    • To fix this, place the fucking art board at a pixel exactly, not a fraction. It solves the issue immediately guaranteed.monospaced
    • Mono, You're a wizard. Placed the artboard at 0,0 and Exported. Perfect size. No added pixel. Thank you!misterhow
    • and I thought you checked already after note 3 but solution didn't work for youuan
    • uan, you get props too. It wasn't at a decimal position but I guess wherever it was, it wasn't happy. Wizard status achieved for you as well.misterhow
    • It shouldn’t have to be at 0,0 but maybe at least one should be? I just always make sure one is and the rest are at integers. Cheers!monospaced

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