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  • CygnusZero44

    Skipping a couple models has always worked really well for me. I went from a 1 to a 4, 4 to a 7, and a 7 to an X. Makes the upgrade really noticeable when I do that. Feels worth it.

    I will never understand these weirdos that buy each model.

    • I used to buy every other model until everyone doubled their price and made the upgrades half as interesting. I'm still on my 7+.CyBrainX
    • I'm still not even sure if I'm upgrading. With a trade in I'd still be paying $900.CyBrainX
    • the time jump from 7 to X wasn't that big considering the 8 & X came out the same day, and there was no 9.dopepope
    • I've went 2, 4, 6, XS.
      Will probably get the 12 now.
    • Yup. I went from 5S to XS a couple of months ago.Continuity
    • sticking with my se - it was stolen a few weeks ago, had the opportunity to upgrade, got another se - i hate all these giant screens.hans_glib
    • hans sticks with his esesNairn
    • I went from 8 to X, only because 8 was slowing down significantly because of bloated Apple software upgrades.utopian
    • I'm riding this SE for another year+, or until they make a model that doesn't choke a pocket.e-wo
    • I went from SE to XS last year. The XS is of course a very good smartphone. But: No love. My love goes to my old SE.sandpipe

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