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  • Ramanisky28

    • <<<utopian
    • Depends what country you're in.BusterBoy
    • yeah. no.MrT
    • yeah no what?BusterBoy
    • definitely not USA. Everyone T the back would be TRYING to pass on the right.. like the uncivilized animals we arehotroddy
    • mexcian roadblocks frustrating as hell. curious now to why the name. quite different than EZLN road blocksdeathboy
    • That was my best Aussie!
      Lane twattery is rife here IMHO...
    • In Oz, left lane is the slow lane.BusterBoy
    • I know, hence yes it’s an annoying habit, but no, in that this is fine in Aus...MrT
    • It's the same everywhere I've ever driven.ben_
    • Horrible drivers are everywhere. It's been proven that speed limits cause accidents, too, just for this reason.formed
    • Here on in West Coast Canada, we have Chinese newbies, desperate for status, who think it is the 'luxury' lane.BustySaintClaire
    • ?Who's the bigger fool, the fool, or the fool who follows him?jaylarson
    • An absolute curse on British Roads. I think automated cars will be in use before anything changes.Hayzilla
    • This is the 5 all up and down Californiasarahfailin
    • I drove a few hundred km in Italy the other day and this doesn't pose much of a problem to them at all - I've never seen so much undertaking in my life.Nairn
    • Undertaking in US really spooked me. After 20yrs UK driving you just assume you can pull over to a slower lane. Then holy shii.. some guy comes past at 90mph.Hayzilla

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