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    OK just gonna come clean here:

    I made this thread because a classmate of mine who is by no means the most talented in my program or most experienced in design landed a Marketing Director job with a 40K starting salary.

    I was under the impression that it would take 3-7 years in the industry to get to this place. But apparently not? This is a person with maybe 3 years experience at the most, that's including our 2 year program. One skill he does have that all my classmates agree on is that he is a compulsive liar, so I was wondering if that played a part in it. Having a good portfolio is great but it seems like being able to bullshit at length about SEO, analytics, social media marketing, and blah blah blah is the most important skill in this industry.

    • console yourself with the fact that apparently, they are just handing out "director" roles to anyone these days.ben_
    • Ignore the title. 40K indicates all you need to know. It’s an entry level gig.Gnash
    • You buddy was dumb enough to go for title over a proper salary. Don’t make the same mistakeGnash
    • https://media.giphy.…Bluejam
    • He will survive for a few years maybe a decade at mediocre places but after a certain level nobody will work with him.sted
    • Entry level salary, but so early in career with the puffy title will help land next gig w/ more $$$ + similar or higher title. he def got a leg up with thatBrokenHD
    • If he sux, he'll just hafta job hop a lot, til it catches up with him. OR.. he'll learn what he needs to be a successful chameleon and be fine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯BrokenHD
    • My advice dont lie, but if they hand u the puffy title, you take it and runBrokenHD
    • so you lied? no one believes anything you've said now.imbecile
    • @eighteen, you seem a little young to be so jaded.futurefood
    • Wait 10+ years..futurefood
    • Eighteens been on here for 11 years. Something's fishy.ben_
    • Take the pay as proof it is just a title at what is likely a small company. Experienced Directors whether creative or marketing usually paid well into 6 figuresDarkCover

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