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    Haven't participated here in a while but reading BusterBoy's post above made me feel like writing an update on one of my past blog posts.

    Just tried to look it up and I might have written but never actually posted it haha!

    Anyway, I went through 2017 and 2018 without invoicing one single job. Was going through hell with a bad rep (film) in 2016 despite huge opportunities, producing mediocre work leading me to nothing good to show to step things up.
    Ended up moving back to my parents, lost a huge deal of confidence in my abilities, started borrowing from gracious friends to try and get anything started, was seriously considering either a radical change of professional path or suicide due to the absolute lack of accomplishment and gratification I was finding myself in.

    It eventually got so bad that it became sort of funny to me, how desperately stuck I was. Then it didn't matter anymore to send a 10th email to past (satisfied) clients who had either not answered the previous 9 or had politely declined, I was actually curious to see how many things I could do without result.

    Anyway, at some point I stopped counting on others and started counting on myself, then put together a few ideas to help a friend out with no money in sight to make them happen, but writing that stuff felt pretty good, good enough to reach out to some more people.
    Eventually you hit the right person at the right time with not much to show but enough that they connect and hit you back, then things get rolling a bit, and before you know it here comes the domino effect.

    I'm very aware of how short that domino effect might turn out to be, but getting things started really is a matter of endurance and keeping the faith through thick and thin. Putting pride aside, and taking a step back to look at things from a more neutral place rather than emotionally or through what others might think.

    And even though it's a big cliché, things can go from very shitty to pretty damn good anytime so don't give up.

    • +1fadein11
    • thats great advice dude, and i feel better having read it :)exador1
    • solid post.inteliboy
    • Things really did a 180 over a month. Reach out to new people, help friends, tell whoever's work you like that you do, find likeminded peeps, they're out there!spl33nidoru
    • Persistence, not perfection. Nice post.aslip
    • Awesome! I'm a huge proponent of "Thoughts are things!"robotron3k
    • thanks for postingFax_Benson
    • i think the 'helping friends' thing can often be underappreciated...exador1
    • sometimes we get (rightly so) so wound up in our own troubles and issues we overlook that we could help someone out...exador1
    • and often, when helping others, we can find solutions to our own troubles, or learn new ways to improve our own situations...exador1
    • +++pr2
    • i like the text very much. but who can remove this mouse....api
    • No it isn't a big cliché, it is your life :)
      It's a great thing that you have the courage to share this with us.

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