CBD Oil - Any users here?

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    @ HIJO and anyone else suffering from anxiety. I hear you.

    My anxiety came on in 2004 after going through some extreme emotional trauma. I was driving alone, long distance in the night and bam out of nowhere I felt I was going to pass out, sweaty palms, dizzy, heart palpitations, had to pull over. I realized I had pushed myself to the edge by going days without eating properly and on a caffeine high. Was going through some major life changes and thought I had it all handled. After that, I was terrified of driving alone on the freeway. I would get a feeling of "what happens if I pass out all alone" it was debilitating and made no sense.

    I went to the Dr and they gave me Paxil. at that moment I thought I'll take anything. I did and it was horrible. It basically numbs you and I had no emotions. Didn't care about anything. I got off it after a month against what the Dr recommended.
    I went on to look for natural alternatives dove deep into the cause, started to recognize the symptoms. Lack of sleep really screws you up. So managing that helps a lot imo.

    I also realized I had to take control of the fear and my mind. Fresh air, taking the moment to breathe deeply and nice music helped. Mantra work like Jay suggested also helped me, it was like changing the channel in my head. I took anything that would help my nerves. I did yoga, I stretched and breathed deeply. I wish CBD was around back then.

    CBD helps take the edge off. In situations that once would make me cringe, now I can get through them and not flinch. You just have to remember to take it lol. About to go into that meeting? take it. About to get on the road? take it.

    It took a few times to figure out what dose worked for me. Start low dose. I didn't get any fancy brand I just experimented with what was available and I could afford. Ultimately it should be the purest form aka Full Spectrum. But I didn't take that because it's pricey.

    Won't lie I did a lot of natural remedies and mental exercises because that's what helped me.

    Also when driving I would have to call someone and sometimes chat the whole way, at that point I realized it was in my head most of the time and learning to change the channel was key. Lucky for me I had people who answered their phone.

    That said, it's also your nerves, our line of work the pace we live in, reality is we still have to show up to work, so the CBD really does help. Call me a hippie but diffusing essential oils helps nerves as well. Found a great company with high-quality oils without the BS of do terra pyramid scheme sht in case anyone is interested, (your wife or gf's might be)

    @hijo, you go to TJ right? Get some "7 Azares" drops at the botica. Take 10 to 20 drops straight on the tongue so it absorbs quickly. That has been heaven sent for me as well. I stopped taking cbd and now just manage with 7 Azares. I recently put all that to the test and I'm still standing.

    Move, breath deep, hydrate, SLEEP, pamper your nervous system, make time for YOU. It's manageable I promise. If I can get through it so can anyone else.

    Sometimes it literally is choosing the better feeling thought one hour at a time. <3

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    • Jesus cured all my ailments. Never felt better.robthelad
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