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    My general issues in life aren't any different from most people who are busy with career, parenthood, commuting, trying to make time for yourself amongst the house cleaning, chores, getting ready for the next day, and trying to enjoy life.

    We do quarterly training for different things at work and this time around we took a class about managing stress. A lot of the stuff in there was a massive wake up call to me even as I previously casually joked about anxiety and stress. Since doing that this past weekend I decided to start getting up at 5:45am and working out before work), because my office moved and I don't have a daytime gym anymore, and I can't fit that into every evening. So, feel good about doing that.

    My two biggest issues in life are that I'm a bit controlling, and I don't like change. As far as being controlling, it's less about ME controlling all situations, and more about perhaps too great of expectations of others around me. Like, getting my 4 1/2 year old daughter to perfectly do her morning routine so we can leave on time. I have a problem with being patient and expecting things to be perfect or completed easily. All of that boils up to increased anxiety and tension that i wish I could shake.

    The worst of it is that all this stuff and stress makes my skin break out a bit, which at 41 absolutely sucks (but makes people think I"m much younger, so there's an upside to acne. LOL) and I've had to figure out what impacts that beyond cutting out coffee/caffeine, whey protein, and dairy. Coffee/caffeine is only a recent discovery to cut out, because they're an awful contributor to stress and cortisol.

    I realized recently that I'd stopped taking an adrenal supplement several months ago, and remembered that the entirety of taking that supplement I had clear skin. Got back on a new supplement, and started taking some other anti-stress stuff like a Reishi and other mushroom supplement, and some pills from Transparent Labs before bed that have magnesium, zinc, and oyster meat and help get better sleep and lower anxiety.

    I also started taking 3mg melatonin this week at 10pm to help me be ready for bed around 10:30. I typically stay up till midnight, but I've felt good going to bed earlier, espeically to get up around 5:45 and exercise.

    Anyhow... after my stepmom told me about my dad using CBD oil, and my barber telling me it would help sleep tremendously. Started reading more and I'm highly interested in getting some to see how it might affect my overall mood, peace of mind, attitude around my kids, etc.

    • "As far as being controlling, it's less about ME controlling all situations, and more about perhaps too great of expectations of others around me."imbecile
    • that made me feel better, thank you for sharing. sincerely.imbecile
    • You're welcome. Do you relate to that at all?mg33
    • little too muchimbecile
    • Big thing is parenthood. my daughter is incredibly smart and was capable of a lot more than average kids even at 2 years old.mg33
    • and her doing things like changing clothes, changing diaper, brushing teeth, being nice, she was doing all of this at 3.mg33
    • Now at 4 1/2 with even more free will building in her, she often refuses, throws a fit, needs help, etc. and it all adds up to more time in the morning, night,mg33
    • and my tension in those moments goes through the roof because I'm like "you were doing this at 3 WHY NOT NOW!??" LOLmg33
    • as i'm not a parent, i hold this standard to those around me. I see myself as an idiot always capable of learning more but...imbecile
    • so many people are content being misinformed, that the trajectory of civilization has me on edge. "I'm an idiot and i sort this out, wtf is your problem?"imbecile
    • that's how i feel most days. :/ thank you again for sharingimbecile
    • You're welcome. At home with my wife I often think "I'm 10x lazier than you and somehow I can rinse my dishes and not leave them all over the counter..."mg33
    • I have similar thoughts regarding most people in public, so much so that if i see someone respectable or acting selflessly kind, i tell them i appreciate it.imbecile

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