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    i find it peculiar how we find ourselves becoming more anxious and working so steadily to alleviate that stress. it's quite obvious why we are anxious. financial instability surrounds us, pollution, climate change, corrupt governments, social media, shortened attention spans, less nutritious food, greater economic discrepancy... people who believe in a flat earth are on jury duty for people that are doing drugs that are legal in other states. people so gluttonous they become disabled and subsidized by their own government. nothing makes sense. it sucks, we're fucked, and we're supposed to act like everything is okay. valium anyone? xanax? bueller? bueller?

    • How is it peculiar? You just explained it.ben_
    • in the '20s and '30s, people practically drank themselves to death for similar reasonsmonospaced
    • the peculiarity comes from our behaviour constantly avoiding these stresses invading our bubbles pushing us to substance reliefimbecile

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