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  • mg331

    Holy F...

    I know someone who dropped around $1,000 on Louis Vuitton branded ear buds, that are basically the Master & Dynamic’s MW07 that cost $300 with an extra $700+ added on for a FUCKING LOGO. There's nothing distinctly LV about their performance, their fit, or anything to do with the product. Just a small logo on each one.

    They said these are great because they have smaller ear canals and Apple's earbuds don't fit.

    Even if you make good money - and they do - as a matter of principle I cannot conceive of wasting that kind of money on something you could have spent $300 on if you really needed them. Absolutely asinine.

    • You can also waste money on $300 flip flops, $800 tee shirts and $5000 jackets. Fashion is stupid.freedom
    • Lol freedom bennnnsplainingfadein11
    • and anything fashion is tacky as fuck. and people who care about it are dumb as fuck so it's a perfect fit._niko
    • buddy of mine bought some too. he buys supreme a lot, says i don't get it. i probably don'timbecile
    • Agree it's dumb, but LV is adopting Supremes strategy here and as stupid as it is to spend 1k on rebadged earbuds, it gives people access to a brand they...ben_
    • Can't afford to buy mainline products from.ben_
    • sent from my iphonemekk
    • It's their choice mate, why'd you give a fuck?robthelad
    • Because they are charging $700 for a logo. Totally punch worthy.monospaced
    • Is your friend rich and insecure?freedom

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