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  • maquito0

    I downloaded the imgur app to make it easier when uploading pictures from my iphone. I discovered there is a humongous community behind imgur; not like godamn geocities to upload pictures and hotlink, but a fucking facebook the shit. They have votes, downvotes, badges, awards, most virals... how long has this been happening. I feel so old right now.

    • Quite a while.
      Several years at least.
    • my imgur account is 9 years old.
      my notoriety is glorious.
    • You only noticed that now?NBQ00
    • Been living under a rock?NBQ00
    • That was why Reddit stopped using them for image hosting a few years back.Nairn
    • idk! Perhaps I was distracted. I've been using the app and it's quite entertaining. My account is algo 9 y/o, but my notoriety is still neutral :(maquito
    • Imgur has accounts? OK, I am kidding, but always wondered what the point of having one was on a site you posted images anonymously on.raf

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