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  • colin_s3…

    The terms of service for the new site take an extreme position on free speech. Peterson said: “Once you’re on our platform, we won’t take you down, unless we’re ordered to by a US court of law. That’s basically the idea. So we’re trying to make an anti-censorship platform.”


    • i don't get why this is funny. where's the punchline?Gnash
    • 'Rightwing academic'
      Peterson doesn't identify as rightwing therefore #fakenews.
    • I concur. Explain yourself, laughing boy.Morning_star
    • because it's thoroughly ridiculous to associate thoughtful debate with something the government is going to take downcolin_s
    • unless your goal is to provoke reaction and generate more of the clickbait / trigger economy than have sustained discourse (which is his fallback)colin_s
    • you're so right. so much better discourse when rando autistic unicorns can woke-tweet a shut down.Gnash
    • Benjamin, the guy so censored he got to have a public, cross-platform discussion about raping an MP while standing for election to the EUFax_Benson
    • The problem with this idea is that there isn't actually a huge amount of censorship on the major social media sites. 99% of users are never going to noticeyuekit
    • anything missing and so they'll be no reason to give up the better user experience and content of the main site just for some abstract principle.yuekit
    • The "anti censorship" site therefore ends up attracting only the extreme fringe, which in practice means it becomes a haven for neo-Nazis and the far right.yuekit
    • At least, that's what happened with Voat and Gab, which were both based around a similar concept.yuekit
    • yuekit gets it. it's a PR campaign trying to attract trolls and brand their anger as intellectualism. it's just marketing for self-righteous foolishnesscolin_s
    • the kind of people actually offended by Peterson are offended by everything. The people who just don't think what he's peddling amounts to muchFax_Benson
    • don't want to censor him.Fax_Benson
    • yuekit & colin s sitting in a tree, K_I_S_S....Morning_star
    • i still don't get why it's funnyGnash
    • @gnash because it's so pathetically transparent and self-importantcolin_s
    • If you don't like something... don't engage with it. Life is simple.robthelad
    • @colin_s i'd understand your position if there wasn't buckets of content out there that gives a little more explanation, nuance and resolution to the issue....Morning_star
    • ...that 'the cunt' is trying to overcome. You need to dig a little deeper rather than regurgitate uninformed view.Morning_star
    • Fighting censorship is a worthy goal, on the other hand Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin launching a site called “Thinkspot” based around having deep conversationyuekit
    • sounds like something out of a Spinal Tap style movie ;)yuekit
    • If and when an uncensorable social media platform takes off it will be because it’s good in its own right, not because it’s marketed as such IMHO.yuekit
    • I agree Yuekit but I think there's a bigger issue that they're trying to address. That is, how you monetise platforms that aren't attractive to advertisers...Morning_star
    • ...Patreon was potentially a great way but they've got all 'holier than though' with regard to it's users.Morning_star
    • Not into Petersons pseudo-mystic religious stuff, but the rest is more thoughtful than the regurgitated progressive takedown talking points that lead to "lolll"cannonball1978
    • Petterson is cashing good money over his fansSalarrue
    • Not too difficult to build an independent crowd funding site. I think there was even one called "Hatreon" that was intended for unpopular viewpoints :)yuekit
    • The challenge is always going to do you ensure total free speech ON the platform that is also the most popular?yuekit
    • I’m not sure how encouraging freedom of speech encourages people to be nice. Build a platform that encourages positivity, and intellectual thought.Ianbolton
    • A bit like this…Ianbolton
    • why is the goal that people have to be nicecannonball1978
    • I’m saying encouragement of positive discussion is desirable. Think about your language. So-called freedom only encourages people to say WHATEVER they wantIanbolton
    • I think we know we have certain levels of freedom of speech already just encourage a more meaningful dialogue.Ianbolton

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