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  • Bennn4
    • logo = fox in washing machine on spin cycleBluejam
    • fox disappeared up its own arse?hans_glib
    • toilet flush after Taco Bell?Krassy
    • AGAIN?! Fuck's sake, how often do they need to do this shit? A new logo every year's going to make fuck all odds winning users over from Chrome. Jesus.Nairn
    • there's me quite looking forward to being able to pay for Firefox later this year after many years getting it for free. Not happy subsidising bullshit graphicsNairn
    • they do this redesigns to sell more merchandise to the same nerds every year.uan
    • I can't remember the last time I gave a fuck about a logo. Any logo really. Especially a browser logo.monospaced
    • https://cdn-images-1…jaylarson
    • Ohhh this logo will inspire conversionsfuturefood
    • I don't really know if I mind it, actually.Continuity
    • I'm using Firefox since a few years now and I really like it. The syncing between computer works like a charm.Bennn
    • "Shit Mozilla shouldn't be spending money on of the day"section_014
    • not in use yet?dbloc
    • never use it.utopian
    • It still surprises me that’s Firefox is still around. I used Opera for years. Finally caved into Chrome, didn’t look back.noRGB
    • This rebrand (again!) smacks of design churn.noRGB
    • I like it. Mozilla gonna build their market share up again when Google locks out AdBlockers from Chrome.mekk
    • I'll never get my head around people using Chrome. Feels like there's a lot of pushback against Google at the moment - 2019, year of the fox!Nairn
    • Looks like a generic 99design contenderjagara
    • @Nairn
      I've been using Chrome for 10 years with no performance issues. I'm here for you.
    • Nothing to do with performance, deadsperm, everything to do with Googlesphere lock-in and reporting back to The Mothership.Nairn
    • Firefox is as good as Chrome in every ways less the Google Spying.Bennn
    • The only thing Chrome is better at is the developer tools. Other than that, I'd happily switch to FF or Safari.yuekit
    • Firefox has always felt "clunky" to me; the brand, the browser, etc. I WANT to use something other than Chrome, BUT alas...ideaist
    • it's been fine for years, but after the last 'Quantum' update is MUCH better. As Yuekit says, the only real distinction is down to dev tools these days.Nairn

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