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    "So apparently, some places in Africa—especially Ghana it seems—had to resort to producing their own movie posters for a while. In the 80's, Ghana had a military dictatorship which in order to impede grassroot propaganda made large printers hard to come by. This meant they couldn't print movie posters either, so instead they had to hand paint them using 50 kg flour bags as their canvas (50 kg is roughly pi Fahrenheits/freedom). This practice seems to have been going on a lot longer than the military dictatorship, which ended in the early 90's, because similar posters have been made for movies at least as recent as 2007."

    over 100 here...

    • i have the ghanavision book bongout berlin put out about 10 years ago. wish i'd bought some originals as they weren't that expensive at the time.kingsteven
    • amazon now telling me the book is worth £800 ffskingsteven
    • Awesome likeness of CindyTurboslacker
    • Video store is Chicago called "Odd Obsession" has their walls covered in these posters.toemaas
    • The guy has patience to dig up 100 obscure images but no ability to look into if it's true or not? ("So apparently...")pr2
    • Brilliant, love thosepedromendez

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