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  • Gnash24

    "my post-art plan is opening a grilled cheese cart. it will serve $1 grilled cheese made with white bread, bulk cheese, bulk butter, and thats it. greasy as hell. no options, no artisan, nothing. there will be no change. you give me $5 youre getting 5, you figure your own life out"…

    • "you give me $5 youre getting 5"
      Is the most enlightening thing I've heard in the last decade. Peace be with him.
    • this is great._niko
    • $1 is too easy, should make it $2.49 or something.yuekit
    • i want a grilled cheese nowBennn
    • Wish he'd join QBNKrassy
    • “Do you use salted butter?”HijoDMaite
    • “Can I get mine well done?”HijoDMaite
    • “How much for double cheese?”HijoDMaite
    • @HijoDMaite
      "you give me $5 youre getting 5, you figure your own life out"
    • Soup Nazi's new business ventureKrassy
    • Equality of outcome.
      Socialism is cancer.
    • https://media1.giphy…prophetone
    • i don't have venmo because im not some teenage asshole who vapes lolcolin_s
    • gotta sell drinks to wash that down.BabySnakes
    • if u left a tip, he'd get offended and kick you out sorta fella.helloeatbreathedrive
    • DD is one annoyingly cool motherfucker - great artist, great name (I assume not real), a fucking rock star and witty to boot.
      WHAT A CUNT.
    • @helloeatbreathedriv... nah, if you leave a $1 tip, you get another grilled cheese sammich for it. Sort it out, dude! :)Krassy
    • Building on the Soup Nazi concept first floated by Seinfeld.shapesalad
    • dat photoshop thoughimbecile
    • this is pretty much my retirement plan too, to have a food cart :)monospaced
    • i have an postal box truck (ice cream truck). I've never once looked at it as a lucrative income opportunity.imbecile
    • I think you're perhaps taking Danger's tweets here a touch literally, imbecile, if you don't mind me saying.Nairn
    • i'm referring to mono as well. (food vehicles are money pits, just fyi)imbecile
    • I really wouldn't be doing it for the money, but I THINK I could pull it off to eek out a little profit.monospaced
    • I'd make the thing mechanical so it runs on its own. Think grilled cheese vending machines.robotron3k
    • what about bacon? how much extra?utopian
    • thinly sliced apple and a little maple syrup on there is really nice.ben_
    • The man with the cheesy plan!Turboslacker

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