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  • hans_glib3

    this is pretty cool - i had thought it was two separate sheets...

    • Nice. I'm guessing this uses shit loads less aluminium than the G5 design tooIanbolton
    • Where’d all the waste go?imbecile
    • Up your buttNBQ00
    • coolGnash
    • If it's aluminium, they'll no doubt melt it down and make more macs?Ianbolton
    • Super cool and totally alien looking; the goal was to create a surface durable, but light as air.

      I think Jony Ive and team achieved it.
    • great for airflow, but my understanding is that they failed to add any dust filteringmonospaced
    • I guess it would just collect within the holes much like the Mac Pro circa 2012; I had to vacuum mine every now and then...ideaist
    • Pizzerias hate him.utopian
    • dust collector. Should have gone for liquid cooled, no vents, no grill= no dust inside.shapesalad
    • its a cool patterncannonball1978
    • Aaaaah, very good! I assumed it was two layers too, but couldn't work out how they did the light curvature on the rear face.Nairn
    • Can’t wait to clean out all of the dog hair out of these.fooler
    • I suppose you just lift the outer shell off and rinse it. Insanely Easy to clean compared to pretty much any other case in existence, but still.monospaced

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