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  • dbloc13

    • Hey women...BusterBoy
    • If i do it right Im always using the same part for my face and the same (different) part for my balls, plus worse case scenario im still 100% clean so whatevs.mantrakid
    • what about women? a lot more is going on down there than a hairy sack.inteliboy
    • if you need two towels, you do not understand the concept of showeringdrgs
    • /\ thatmantrakid
    • What drgs said...OBBTKN
    • What drgs said!necromation
    • Why must we be disgusted by our own bodies?! Fuck it. I do my balls first then straight to the face. Who gives a fuck. My wife can get some too!Hayzilla
    • If you haven't eaten ass you haven't lived.deadsperm
    • I tend to wash my balls before i dry them.jagara
    • My balls are clean when I get out of the shower so it doesn't matter.bigbaby53
    • a clean towel is dirtier than a toilet so...tank02
    • I use my partner's towel for my balls.Nairn
    • why worry about balls, surely the concern lies with the faeces exit hole and the urine exit holes.shapesalad
    • But then again, what comes out could have once been a vintage wine and michelin star meal, who wouldn't want that on a towel?shapesalad
    • when everything's clean, everything's cleanBennn
    • in tears reading QBNers comments.notype

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