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  • imbecile3

    • adds updopepope
    • case closed!moldero
    • Whoops.PhanLo
    • A police spokesperson said in August that a bodycam on one of the officers during the stop was knocked off the officer's uniformmonospaced
    • Police officials deny there was any wrongdoing, citing the official police manual rule of “C’mon son.”monospaced
    • Really?maquito
    • I wonder how they managed to cuff her without taking her revolver away.sarahfailin
    • They tazed her BF as he fought the cops but shot her in the mouth after she was handcuffed?? Crazy. These must be good kids...robotron3k
    • this is fake news, neither police or coroner claim that her hands were cuffed behind the back when she pulled the triggershoes
    • but a simple tragedy doesn't fit all y'alls anti-police bias, so let's just call the officer a murderer insteadshoes
    • nothing wrong with that, the sensible thing to doshoes
    • self righteous ignorant fucking cuntsshoes
    • Surprised they didn't slip 'black' in there just for extra value effectIanbolton
    • So... Girl shot her self in the mouth while hands cuffed... And you guys are talking about...wut?pango
    • https://youtu.be/ilc…pango
    • Double jointed? Police are fucked.ben_
    • @shoes, please provide a link to these facts before you go around talking shitmonospaced
    • Like the way Kurt Cobain supposedly did it? Using his feet?Krassy
    • Wait... He used his feet?pango
    • could of had her head up her *ss...?CGN

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