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    • use concrete, problem solveduan
    • +1 uandeadsperm
    • +2 uanHayzilla
    • Nice. Could also have boxes for '# of humans supported', increasing as the # of species disappearNairn
    • fewer species results in less life support of animals up the chain, like usmonospaced
    • Long-term, probably, but short-term (as in how things are now), obviously that's not the case.Nairn
    • Even long-term we have the technology to life off only a dozen of species of plants. It's an ethical issue not one of personal survival.deadsperm
    • Except in North Korea, there are no animals or bugs in the jungle.robotron3k
    • @deadsperm, not really ... at some point even those few species we require will suffer and strugglemonospaced
    • and yeah, I'm talking long term, but it's not as long as you might thinkmonospaced
    • @monospaced
      Even right now we are able to grow a few essential species for survival in total isolation.
      But you live your truth, bro!
    • trophic cascadesimbecile
    • If we can maintain at least 5000 humans alive that's still considered survival of a species. We've been able to keep stupid pandas for a few generations now.deadsperm
    • I'm sorry to break it to you but the only thing we can take from the Lion King is "Hakuna Matata", fuck the circle of life!deadsperm
    • *yawnmonospaced
    • let's just ignore that the extinction of species is almost always related to the changes we've made to their environments and food chainsmonospaced
    • and if a species is only holding on in isolation, like life support, that's not really survival in the natural sensemonospaced
    • but live your truth, bro!monospaced
    • "It's an ethical issue not one of personal survival."
      It's all about living our own trufs, bro.
      We are the world!
    • Let's just ignore what each one of has previously said and ramp this to 100 sidenotes.deadsperm
    • The first image still has farmland on it. There world be even more diversity in totally untended landsarahfailin

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