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  • PhanLo4

    A policeman stops outside The Eagle Pub in Hulme, Manchester, 1975.
    Had a few pints there mid 90's, the whole place was completely anarchic by then.

    • I follow that Instagram account too.Hayzilla
    • ^ which account?GM278
    • Used to drink in a few boozers like this... I remember me and a bunch of mates walked into a pub like this one cause we heard..necromation
    • The "birds" were "well fit"... So we was at the bar was proper ropey. We saw that they had Super T on draught... Fuck that! We walked straight out...necromation
    • Any pub in an estate like that serving Tenants Super on tap is no place for any man looking to leave with his life. ah, the 90's...necromation
    • @GM278
    • Cheers!GM278
    • this is what we brexited for, the revival of Super T and establishments like that, the fine high quality architecture, the British made cars.shapesalad
    • I was stabbed not far from here in 1999. It fucking hurt.RumperChunk
    • Steer clear of flat roof pubs – it's the oldest rule in the inner-city book.Wolfboy
    • ^^^ hahaha, yep we found that out FAST!necromation
    • that is a grim looking placeGnash

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