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    Finally got around to trying Greggs' much-vaunted Vegan Sausage Roll today. Bought it, ate it as I crossed the road, finished it, crossed back over and bought another one to scoff immediately.

    OK, so Greggs' sausage rolls were never the zenith of high quality meaty sophistication, but i'll never buy anothe rmeat-based one from them. No need!

    Nairn rating: 3½ stars

    • I am now officially a Flexitarian™Nairn
    • I've been meaning to try one. I may well do tomorrow.fadein11
    • I've popped my head into Greggs a few times over the past few months to try one, but they've always been under-done - finally saw one with the right shade todayNairn
    • huh, turns out the filling is Quorn-based, not Soya. Even betterer!
    • i'd love a greggs sausage roll right nowlowimpakt
    • ha yep that's what put me off, totally different shade to the normal ones... pastry has to be browned.fadein11
    • sausage ... roll? we don't have these in the statesmonospaced
    • Greggs is a funny old brand, low end but remarkably effective at what they do. Pasties etc. Not the best obvs but so cheap and always hits the spot lolfadein11
    • Yeh they are pretty awesome. Great substitute for meat.antonyjwhite
    • Sausages roll is similar to pigs in blanketsshapesalad
    • Quorn is soil mould. You're eating a Gregg's "Soil Mould Fusarium venenatum strain PTA-2684 Roll"shapesalad
    • Omagh, Showground RP 3645.95 miles
    • Haven't eaten at Greggs since they dropped the chicken and sweetcorn big softee. AND I'M STILL A FAT CUNT.5timuli
    • They are good and they do taste like an actual sausage roll. But only if you taste in isolation from real meat lol. let me explain ...microkorg
    • ... I bought a scotch pie as well as a sausage roll one day. Had a bite of the vegan sausage roll and thought mmm taste REAL ...microkorg
    • ... then are the pie which is (mostly) real meat. THEN ate the vegan sausage roll and could taste that it wasnt meaty tasting and was just made up of spices etcmicrokorg
    • try it.microkorg
    • i really don't get the point of trying to make mould or veg imitate meat. if you don't want to eat meat then don't.hans_glib
    • Had I been thinking, I would have popped by a Greggs when I was in London in March, I would have really liked to try one of these (and I'm an omnivore).Continuity
    • Hans, what if you're a meat eater thats turned veggie but likes and misses the taste of shit like sausage rolls etc?microkorg
    • Or just a meat-eater that wants to cut out poor quality meat or thinks that only good, well-raised meat should be eaten, less frequently...Nairn
    • I'm with Hans. Why eat a meat substitute if you're so against meat?emphor
    • If you're a meat-eater turned veggie, you should just go cold turkey IMO ...emphor
    • They should?

    • maybe because otherwise they shouldn't be vegetarian ;)monospaced
    • You bastard, microkorg - I've been fancying a Scotch Pie all afternoon! (Beef though - as a Cuteatarian I don't do lamb).Nairn
    • @shapesalad : Yeah, and I think it's great - Quorn (developed by ICI years ago) is the first in a whole slew of futurefoods we should makre more use of.Nairn
    • I see all these things as additive, not subtractive - personally, I just want to eat less meat and have alternatives that are have the same mouth-feelNairn
    • are have are is are? have.Nairn

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