convert existing non-responsive asp web app

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  • sted0

    "these asp thingies" put more stuff like this into your answer pls :D

    u know about html templates in asp processing?
    css is just an imported definer for styles in this process so you still need to dig into the code.

    asp has custom page and controller callbacks where you have to add the style to the control markup like in oldschool systems (like an old custom built asp web app)

    so 1st question where are the styles now?

    (forget these tools u linked for a second pls :)

    • *"where you can add" and not "where you have to add".sted
    • easiest way to deal with this is to pick a bootstrap skeleton and tweak that.sted
    • most of these tools just generate dependencies and still require extra resources for customization.sted
    • Yeah I was hoping I could just pick a bootstrap skeleton and plug in the existing asp parts (i know nothing about asp) and use googleepigraph
    • Im going to dig into the structure soon and even what you have said so far is helpful for how to diagnose what is needed.epigraph
    • just look for style definitions in controllers, and if you find a lot then it's fucked :D but if you find 1 css link you're good and you can start with thatsted

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