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  • Bennn0

    People will talk about this as The great fire of 2019 in 200 years.

    • Did Nostradamus predict this fire?NBQ00
    • #Bennnsplanation of the dayKrassy
    • few people outside of Paris will care next week. I'd venture to guess most people don't care now.imbecile
    • @imbecile ah, c'mon! really? this place has so much meaning to millions of people all over the world!Krassy
    • yeah man, its not an ordinary monumentBennn
    • even if the most historically significant monument in France but if its gone, will it really matter? enough for people to be bummed about it in 200 yrs?_niko
    • the great fire? there are so many more the last year or so that were much biggermonospaced
    • Aside from news consuming public, no one will know. The Catholic religion is seen as hypocritical & people like to watch bad things happen to child molesters.imbecile
    • @_niko it will be rebuilt and continue to hold meaning to people far beyond 200 years from now.Krassy
    • what meaning exactly? as a place to worship imaginary sky gods? or a place to prop up the world's biggest con artists?_niko
    • or as imbecile said child molesters._niko
    • sorry no disrespect meant, it was a wonder or architecture, and sad to see it go, but my point is what to do moving forward._niko
    • uneducated peasants. it's an architectural masterpiece, every generation added something to it and it's the symbol of Gothic architecture.sted
    • not to mention it's sacred significance.sted
    • @_niko, it's honestly difficult to even beging to respond to what you wrote, man. Shows more than ignorance, unfortunately.Krassy
    • fair enough krassy, just because it doesn't hold any meaning for me personally doesn't mean it's not significant for millions. But i still don't agree rebuildin_niko
    • It'll re-open as a WetherspoonsPhanLo
    • Yeah come to think of it, more than likely, I take everything back, save the cathedral! Lol_niko
    • that cathedral represents an organization that intentionally protects adults who abuse children. let it burn.imbecile
    • that cathedral represents the hard work and collaboration of architects, masons
      sculptors, painters, glass craftsmen, carpenters
    • it will be redesigned in autocad and 3d printed.sted
    • Name some of the architects. I’ll name a bunch of abusers.imbecile
    • We can make it a game.imbecile

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