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  • Maaku1

    Went on a couple of dates with this girl. We had fun, we kissed, it felt great. We're clearly into each other, I was excited.

    But the same way it started, the same way it faded away. I asked her last night what was going on since she was being a little distant and that's when she told me she jumped into it too quickly.

    She does like me, but she's not ready for the "girlfriend" status.


    • kissing is gross when you think about it anywaysCALLES
    • treat her like a person, not a girlfriend. provide more substance than a "mate". take her on an adventure.imbecile
    • We'll see how it goes this week.Maaku
    • How wide is your neck Maaku? That can be a deal breaker now, if it isn't as wide as a horses that could be a problem.PhanLo
    • You might be correct ^Maaku
    • @imbecile: friendzone forever.
      tell her that you need a partner not just a gf :) and that requires deep knowledge and understanding, what takes time.
    • but we have to start somewhere so lets go out on Friday see where it goes.sted
    • i prefer to attract women with my hobbies as opposed to wooing them. different approach, different results?imbecile
    • go with the flow is the worst advice.. but really...go with the flowpockets
    • dont pressure them, if it was ment to be you will knowpockets
    • Lol @ CALLESprophetone
    • Propose. Just do it™.pedromendez

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