Deep Fake

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  • Krassy2

    • didnt i just post this in a comment to someone?deathboy
    • the future is nowKrassy
    • but with a hemingway bs detector they are still a ways offdeathboy
    • deep fake means little to me when there is real people pushing agenda from a podiumdeathboy
    • and all US eduction is focused on the person at the podium.deathboy
    • id laugh a little if the real people lose their jobs to the PR bots though. IRONYdeathboy
    • it will get very interesting, one way or the other! it's all about how it will be used and applied. Could be a weapon, or a magic wand. Only time will tell.Krassy
    • We haven't seen the real Fake News yet, the future is scaryBennn
    • well if they can combine this with the latin american weather girls then I'm all for it!_niko

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