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    So I went back and found my post from 6 years ago (Page 8). What a ride it has been so far. She was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 2 and we have been managing that ever since. She's doing really well and i am beyond a proud father. I'll update you all again in another decade.

    • < Jonibogue
    • Godspeed, JoniBonSeff
    • Stay strong Joni!OBBTKN
    • Jordan Peterson's daughter had similar and got it under control with a very restrictive diet. Maybe worth investigating?monNom
    • adorable.utopian
    • Thanks monNom Diet is something we definitely focus on (no gluten.. lots of anti-inflammatory foods) That in addition to medication has been really helpful.bogue
    • Hey, have you looked in to boron/borax and it's relation to arthritis? If not, please do :)set
    • The relation to boron in soil around the world and coinciding arthritis levels is undeniable.set
    • Worth a look/try at least!set
    • That is great news! It's not easy watching your loved one hurt. Really proud of your brother! Proud of you both.dibec
    • interesting set. Just taking a quick look at the search term it seems like they are suggesting boron/borax as a remedy to arthritis, not a cause of?bogue
    • bogue, AbbVie is about to release a biological blockbuster called Upadacitinib. Please read about it.maquito
    • Thanks Mquito. Just went down that rabbit hole on that. Looks like the clinical trials for kids is in still in the early stagesbogue
    • ... Sounds like a huge upgrade to current JAK inhibitors like Humira. My daughter currently uses Enbrelbogue
    • ... which has been a much much more positive experience than methotrexate.bogue
    • Yes bogue, bodies low on boron are susceptible to arthritis. Countries with low level boron in the soil have far more arthritis. It correlates undeniably!set
    • It's very cheap and safe, it's something the human body needs, definitely worth a try.set

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