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  • Wolfboy11

    Do you get riled by the throw away obsolescence culture of modern society?

    Well, watch this video for a bit of stress relief. This vice is not knackered. (I think my favourite thing is the first thought for most of the issues is WD40 and a hammer):

    There is a whole YouTube channel of this stuff:…

    • Much enjoy. Very fap.pedromendez
    • A friend did this the other year with an entire fucking metal lathe he picked up for free. Turned out well in the end, but he spent a good month swearing, lolNairn
    • I loved this video but the amount of gear required to fix it is staggeringernexbcn
    • swarfy stuff ;)trooperbill
    • Swarf is EVIL. On the other hand,
      Magnetic swarf collectors are fucking cool.
    • not a fan of the white lettering but super impressive. he's made like 10k on just youtube views, so well worth it._niko
    • @1:35 when he puts the vice in a vice.monNom

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