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  • chukkaphob31

    • </thread>sted
    • +pockets
    • Can't be more right. It's a big problem fucking up an entire generation of people.Bennn
    • +1 .. the only person you should be comparing to is yourself.Boz
    • ^ wrong .. the only person you should be comparing to is Bill Mury.chukkaphob
    • As he posts on Twitter.CyBrainX
    • he needs to alert the sheeple!hans_glib
    • Ya'll know Bill is not on Twitter tho right?
      It's Abraham Lincoln that posted this on Instagram.
    • LOL if you think people didn't compare their lives to others before social media.nb
    • LOL if you think social medias these days are as worst as wathever nb is referingBennn
    • Seriously nb, we're a huge step higher now. You can't compare thatBennn
    • Facebook, IG, etc., are devils of the internet age. We can only hope they are short lived fads.formed
    • Facebook is going on well over a decade now.monospaced
    • I pulled the plug on FB a year ago, haven't missed itTurboslacker
    • oh c'mon. Anyone who grew up in the suburbs knows it's always been that way. Who has the best car, the best pool, the best lawn, the swing set, who's shittyzarkonite
    • little kids are overachieving the most. FB is just a bigger stage, the irony is that no one is paying attention it's just people screaming into an echo chamber.zarkonite
    • @zarkonite you make a good point - it's just human natureKrassy
    • ...however, social media amplifies the above behavior to the point that it consumes people and gets them addicted and preoccupied with comparing, etc.Krassy
    • I totally agree, having it in your pocket, notifying you constantly, is just a massive trigger for your insecurities.zarkonite
    • I like this from Jordan Peterson's book - "Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today."mort_
    • ^ this.Krassy
    • I don't have the time to sit and navel gaze. Jordan Peterson Et Al need to get real....see_thru
    • Ironic, aint it? Happy 2019, Billlucas_logan
    • Social media is fine if you tweak it to your desireslucas_logan
    • Anywho, the intricacies of drone warfare are a much more pressing matterlucas_logan
    • @lucas_logan +2Krassy
    • i like the thinkin of the new green guy +helloeatbreathedrive
    • aaaand, that's why he's not green anymoreKrassy

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