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  • mg330

    So, taking this a step further, this is what I really want to pull off. And, I'm working on this within a really robust Wordpress theme, I'm just wondering if I'm better off custom building it.

    - full cover video, looping in background
    - title and nav in fixed position, and flex with the browser changing size.
    - anything below the nav scrolls upward on page scroll, but disappears as soon as it hits that nav / title div.

    • not sure if the text can arbitrarily disappear but still be page scrolling, and a full pg video bg makes it even more difficultcolin_s
    • All is possible, but depending on the theme you will most likely run into issues. I would build it from scratch.wordssssss
    • if the looping video background stays dark, use a linear gradient from video-dark to transparent as background for the fixed stuff.uan
    • here are three good approaches to try: https://css-tricks.c…
      background-clip, SVG text, CSS blend modes

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