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  • i_monk9

    I recently learned this is free with a Toronto library card, so I signed up. Figure with all this down time I should be learning something.

    So let's turn this into a course recommendation thread.

    • lot's of great perks with that cardGnash
    • that's awesome. The perks at my local library are bed bugs.hotroddy
    • lolGnash
    • Same in Vancouver.
      I used to use ex gf's free account who was still in college lol
    • yep Gnash... discovered the free Lynda thing years back. Love the lib.notype
    • Thanks to this thread, I signed up to Halton Library...they've got free Lynda (and other stuff too). Yay!Gucci
    • Free Lynda, that's an awesome perk.Wolfboy
    • Same in Brooklyn pulblic libraries and Kansas City public libraries.bulletfactory

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