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    @hobgoblin: Hypocrites? I don't get it. It's exceedingly possible that I'm reading this wrong as my sinuses are practically making my head explode, but it reads to me that you're having the same issue as the people who are dumbfounded that the song has been banned—just with songs that are controversial in another way.

    The lyrics have some thorny issues, of course, but where do you draw the line? Plenty of popular songs in every genre have questionable lyrics. Fair play dictates that those should be scrutinized and banned too, no?

    Banning art in whatever form is kinda bullshit imo and often has a reverse, unintended effect.

    • the institutions aren't 'banning' the song because they feel it's has problematic lyrics.Gnash
    • they're banning it because it's not worth the social media backlash storm that will ensue from the outrage addictsGnash
    • it's an easy bone to throw themGnash
    • Are you comparing them to dogs?soundofreason
    • great question. simple answer. Smack My Bitch up, or any hip-hop song of that nature, would never be played at a starbucks, walmart,hobgoblin
    • walgreens, or any store, shop, restaurant endlessly for 2 solid months of the year. Those songs exist, but don't get much airtime (an assumption here).hobgoblin
    • baby it's cold outside will be played endlessly for 2 solid months during the hight of the metoo campaign. and yes, the lyrics are beyond questionable.hobgoblin
    • the hypocrites comment was that the right, the ones complaining that the song is no longer being played, never listened to it in the first placehobgoblin
    • , know it, and listen to other questionable shit on their own.hobgoblin
    • the outrage addicts are the women and men whom have been assaulted and a part of the metoo campaign. and now you're calling them dogs, lol.hobgoblin
    • lol. looks like you're the only one outraged here. the whole issue is pathetic, not dangerous.Gnash
    • it's just pandering.Gnash
    • that said, I have no issue with them taking the song of rotation. it doesn't affect me in anyway. It's just silly issue.Gnash
    • you know there is a list of songs you'll never hear on the radio simply because they encourage free thinking or anti govt views, right?imbecile
    • I can find outrage in every single song ever. Should we fucking ban them all? Just be left with white noise? Oh shit that’s racist and white supremist! Lol_niko

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