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  • Gnash0

    Ottawa restaurant gets woke-shamed into changing their name by some podcast hipsters.

    And finally, their confession

    • lol. too bad, good name for a restaurant.Gnash
    • pussification of societyMilan
    • I'd like to see the response to their letter saying that they're giving in to bullying and changing their name. Sorry, I'm not woke, I love Full Metal Jacket.elahon
    • Lol. Fascism sure is nice.Hayoth
    • It should have ended with "it's not a reference to that movie"cannonball1978
    • So we’d like to introduce you to our new concept of helping and giving back to the community for many years to come, we call it “me love you long time”_niko
    • I'm outraged.inteliboy
    • so angry about this thing that i've never cared about till today.pango
    • Woke up too soonRumperChunk
    • I've seen the movie years ago but can't remember any lines from it, for me the name is fine.shapesalad
    • anti-bias training! lol... because of a slur used in a movie from years ago.shapesalad
    • Well... how about those Koreans and their Siemens don't then know what that sounds like in English! They need some anti-bias training.shapesalad
    • "too beaucoup" is not a slur, it roughly translates into "too many much". The expression in itself is funny because of the adverb/adjective repetition.soundofreason
    • Because of this, it can be applied to many situations.
      Furthermore, having a large penis is considered a compliment in all societies (that I am aware of).
    • Bennn took the day off.
      Glad to be of service.
    • Fuck! This is making me so angrymaquito
    • Cute cards, cool name, a fucking IG post... STUPID PEOPLE.maquito
    • People are the worst.stoplying
    • disable comments. problem solved.dorf
    • Yeah, we named our cute restaurant after Full Metal Jacket's hooker scene...ben_
    • Lol, fuck!!maquito
    • looks fake to make more angry ppl.uan
    • or go viral and get more customers.uan

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