Global Warming

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    Humans are of nature. What says our by products are not of nature too? Why do we look of nature in retrospect and not a equally changing and evolving system as much as us. We may choose economical solutions that harm our future, but we grow for now. Something about that is soooo millenial but is correct. We are a bit smarter in knowing we don't live as fodder for others. And can wave off traditional collective thinking. Our species is but a speck in time. The progress of all climate change rhetoric is purely out of special interests. And idea of controlling climate is absolutely absurd. However somehow those millenials got the catholic style guilt for living and hate themselves. I think people should ignore special interests and live in their best interests. And most importantly honestly with full understanding. Who's to say our trash or biomass wont be the oil for life hundreds of thousands of years after we kick it. Just do us and live as economically feasible as possible for all without arbitrary special interests. Just a thought from a guy who knows nature can handle her own shit.

    • Watch the planet descend into inferno with the possibility of a reboot in 100,000 AD. What an empowering message, db.PeterPancake
    • https://www.instagra‚ĶPeterPancake
    • you're so high on your own erudition that you don't notice you're talking total nonsenseFax_Benson
    • Hmm. I was hoping for a rebuttal about how we see what is natural. Might be a little world is flat view to only see what was before as naturaldeathboy
    • to ignore our our role as larger process even if its our corpses. We study seasons and fruit fly, but hard to swallow we might just be a process as welldeathboy

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